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Hey, fellow adventurers! I hope you’re having a blessed, broken summer, full of little adventures of your own. As for myself, the summer thus far has been very adventurous:

  •  Graduating from high school
  • Being nearly beaten to pulp by a 6-week Trigonometry class (but punching it back in the gut nonetheless)
  • Driving circles around town looking for a job
  • Enjoying two visits from extended family
  • Attending an exhausting but informative college orientation session.

The next month is going to be crazier, though. Today, my sister and I are leaving on our first-ever road trip together, down to the Orlando area to visit our cousin. 9 days after returning, I’ll then be packing up and flying out to California with my family and a good friend. I should be thinking, “Over 900 miles of driving, hours of plane travel, certainty of interesting encounters with people, camping,  and visiting new places = tons of opportunities for blog posts!”

Or not.

I’m sure it’s obvious that this blog hasn’t been getting much attention for the past few months. So, in all honesty, traveling to opposite ends of the country within the span of 20 days isn’t going to afford me any more time to write than the first half of this summer has. So, all that to say, I think it would be better to officially sign-off blog writing for a month, personally chronicle my journey, and report back a month from today (August 4th), to tell you all about it, rather than writing from exhaustion and obligation, in the midst of craziness.

So, I guess we’ll all congregate back at Bag End in a month. Make sure to bring your best oatcakes and tea… and maybe some ale and pipe weed. We’ll sit down and have a chat about the adventures of the past month.

Meanwhile, take risks, stay broken, enjoy life, go barefoot, and, as C.S. Lewis would say, “take the adventure that is sent to you”.

Signing off now, to go pack up at car at 4:45 A.M. 🙂

— Becca


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