Of Costumes and Comic Cons

So, I’m going to digress from anything relating to adventure, life, and written photographs, simply because I can’t having a blog about the metaphorical life of a hobbit with representing my lovely family’s group Lord of the Rings costume effort, for Halloween. (Yes, I know it was over a month ago. Sorry).

So, being a little tall for dressing as a hobbit, I dressed as Legolas, instead. My younger sister was Eowyn, and my two younger brothers were Frodo and Merry.

Besides a few items, our costumes and props were basically all homemade. We did a lot of “refashioning” for the clothing—basically, taking clothes, cutting them up, and making them into something new.


Legolas and Legolas

Silver-grey long-sleeved shirt: (thrift store), forest green tunic (“refashioned”, from thrift store), arm braces (used this tutorial), Elven cape (used this tutorial), Elven leaf brooch (used this tutorial), bow (homemade), quiver (homemade from leathery material and old belts), and one of Legolas’ knives (homemade, from foam board), leather belt, black pants, and brown boots.


Frodo and Frodo

Brown corduroy vest (“refashioned” from a thrift store shirt), white shirt, wig (borrowed from friends), cape (used this tutorial), Elven leaf brooch (used this tutorial), brown pants (“refashioned”, from thrift store), the sword Sting (handmade out of wood by my dad and brothers, and painted; and only in a matter of several days), and The One Ring (hand-forged in our personal“Mount Doom” furnace, and engraved with its inscription based on my fluency in the black language of Mordor) (a.k.a. taken off of the tassel of a LOTR bookmark, and hung on a chain of mine). Oh, and bare feet. 🙂


Dress, refashioned from multiple sources: the skirt bought at a thrift store, the brown vest from an old brown T-shirt of mine, the gold-beaded band cut off of another skirt, and the white sleeves simply gathered lengths of white material wrapped with white silk cord.




Yellow vest (“refashioned”, from a thrift store), ordinary brown pants (cropped at knee), ordinary white button-up shirt, elven cape (used this tutorial), elven brooch (used this tutorial), and a painted wooden version of Merry’s sword, hand-crafted by my dad and brothers, this time within a matter of about two days.

Merry 1



 Merry and Frodo’s Swords:


   Frodo’s sword, Sting:100_4950

          Merry’s Sword:


 Legolas’ knife:



Additionally, I used my costume a week beforehand, at a Halloween party for the Honors program at the university I attend, won third place in one category, and then won overall first for the party. The prize? Two weekend tickets to Pensacon, the local comic con, coming in February.  I normally wouldn’t attend such an event, if I had to buy a ticket. But, hey, I have free tickets! Why not?

So, has anyone ever been to a comic con before? If so, do you have any recommendations about attending? What is the best part/ where should I spend the most time? What should I keep an eye out for? What should I avoid? What time of the day is best to go?

I’ve never been to one before, so I’d appreciate input any fellow nerds have.

PHOTO Sources:

http://pixgood.com/legolas-lotr-full-body.html , www. fanpop.com , http://thethirdage.tumblr.com/page/2


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