As is obvious, I haven’t posted in a while. My life post-college-graduation has not gotten much less busy than it was previously– just busy in different ways.

In short, I am taking a year off between graduation and an eventual full-time job. I’m taking this year to save up money (substitute-teaching in mornings, waiting tables on nights and weekends) and also to gain experience in an variety of schools. I want to ensure that I can thrive in the teaching environment before I actually get a full-time teaching position.

Having this job (normally working 3-5 sub jobs a week) has gradually been opening my eyes to the realities teachers, schools, and students face, and thoughts on this topic compose a lot of my thoughts these days. As far as schools go, I’m an outsider looking in for the first time. I was homeschooled through tenth grade and then finished up high school with dual enrollment at a local college. Thus, I’m seeing ordinary school for the first time through the perspective of a teacher, not a student. And I’m learning so much. I come away from every job with questions, criticisms, and desires to grow, learn, and change. I see flaws in the education system, both on the nationwide scale and the local scale. I see some really good ideas that teachers and school staff are implementing. I see really difficult-to-work-with students. I see really helpful teachers and schools that have incredible support systems. I see, when observing other classrooms, discipline systems and tactics that I would never want to use with my own students.

Anyway, as I go away from these substitute positions each day with all of these thoughts, I want to do something with my thoughts. I want to voice them, engage in conversation with others, and use them to accomplish beneficial outcomes. Then the thought came to me that this blog would be a good place to do so. However, it also occurred to me that my readers may not be invested or interested in the world of teaching, and writing frequently about this topic would be a significant shift in the focus and direction of my blog.

Anyway, I just wanted to update you all on the current state of the blog, my thoughts, and my direction here. Any thoughts on a possible change of direction? Would posts on the aforementioned topics start conversations that you would be interested in engaging with?

If any of you have any feedback (if you think this blog would be the right place for such topics and discussions about teaching and schools and students, what kinds of posts you would like to read, etc.), I would love to hear it.

Hope you all are having a fabulous beginning to your October!


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