Hey,  everyone! My name is Becca Juntunen, and I am actually one eighth Hobbit, on my Dad’s side…

No, not really. I only say that because I’m 4’11.25″ and not getting any taller. I’m also a college freshman who would currently not be opposed to quitting college, hopping a plane to New Zealand, and dwelling  in a hobbit hole.

But, as that is currently unrealistic, I am contenting myself with starting the messy journey of learning what adventure truly means, what life really is, how to nurture things that grow, and how to grow relationships with people.

My ideal day (me in a nutshell) would consist of running barefoot in the rain along a rock-strewn shore, sitting under the cloudy sky and filling a leather journal with descriptions of it, eating a bar of dark chocolate while resting beside an unobtrusive campfire on the sand, and sleeping under a sky of brilliant stars while pondering endless questions and much beauty. In other words, I’m simply an aspiring hobbit with a heart for the written word, a desire for adventuring and moving forward wherever I am, and a great many questions to be answered and fears to be overcome.

Leaving Bag End—the act of stepping outside a place of terrible safety to take an incredibly risky journey— is one way of answering those questions and over coming those fears. It is a daily journey to leave our safe little Hobbit holes and tread the pain-creased roads of this world, discovering what it truly means to love and to be human. It is not an event; it is a lifelong journey. So pack up your handkerchief and your pipe and join me; there are many adventures out there waiting for us.


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  1. I love your introduction and am looking for a place on your website to subscribe so I can get all your posts in my e-mail. God bless you and this new venture of faith and service as you share what He teaches you 🙂

    1. There’s a tiny black rectangle inscribed with white letters “Follow +” near the bottom right corner, floating around in the same place as you scroll up and down. Just click that, and it will ask you to enter in your email address. Thanks!

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