(Don’t Forget to Wipe Your Feet on the Mat!)

Welcome back to Bag End, my fellow hobbits, elves, warriors, and dwarves! (Yes, you goblins can come in too… but for Heaven’s sake please wipe your grimy little feet on the rug!)

bag end door

Come in, come in! There’s a hook for your cloaks, a rack for your weapons, and a mat for your shoes. Bacon and mushrooms and a boiling kettle are waiting for you in the kitchen. Follow your nose!

Sit yourselves down wherever you like, and eat up! Now, who will begin our storytelling venture, of stories from the past month of adventure? Me? Figures; you all want to stuff your faces. Alright, I suppose. Don’t gobble up all the food while I’m talking, though. I would like at least a few seedcakes, if you don’t mind.


So, this summer… and these past 30 days of travelling from one end of the country to the other; from Orlando Florida to Northern California.

Telling the entire story in one sitting would probably require three day’s worth of tea-times and second-breakfasts (a.k.a. emptying my pantry). Thus, I will reserve my many thoughts and experiences for shorter discussions over the next several weeks.

But, meanwhile, here are just a few jumbled descriptions, thoughts and facts to pique your curiosity about my unforgettable journeys.

I took pictures with a camera made of paper

I encountered strange sights: a catless tail, a van-invading monkey, a rusty Jack-Marley chain lying hidden for 10 years, and a van with only two working seatbelts

I witnessed Fate and Time playing thumb wars at least 3 times. As a result, we: got lost, missed flights, and had a handful of near-mishap adventures. 

Within the span of three days, I tried at least 37 new fruits, leaves, and vegetables. 

Words of wisdom: “Those grapes you cannot taste are always sour”. (Mind you, these words of wisdom were found in a fortune cookie, at the first Chinese restaurant I had ever gone to) 

I discovered: a place of little fear and great respect, a minty-smelling herb with many medicinal uses, that travel can bring out ugliness in the human heart, that I love climbing on mossy rocks,  and that whole roasted coconuts are delicious

So, friends, there is an as-short-as-possible overview of my summer adventures. Everything mentioned there will be described in detail and through stories sometime in the near future, so keep an ear out for the whistling of the tea kettle.

I hope you enjoyed your meal. I had my turn talking; now it’s yours. What sorts of journeys have you embarked on this summer? Any words of wisdom that were woven into your heart? New things you tried? Interesting sights and discoveries? Go on now, tell away. Another kettle is boiling. We have plenty of time for stories here at Bag End.


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